Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm thankful, glad and excited. My hubby went back to work yesterday and for more than a day before being bumped back out. The guys were playing a game with the road master, wanted time off, and he wasn't playing. So my hubby worked last time of a day but made 2 times as much in one day as his unemployment. So he was OK with that as long as he got paid. Things here are really picking up and the gangs are moving back out, it is a seniority thing with the railroad. So he got his old welding job back in the town about 10 minutes from home. Yeah, he was getting bored and not much more around here to do but everyday stuff. I told him he bought a new pair of fire boots the other day and he needed to go back to work to pay for them. Not really, he was just driving me nuts with what to do. So now I can catchup and get back to my scrap booking.

Enjoy life!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cards and Membership

Here are a few new Easter cards I made the other day.

Have you heard Chris has a new membership with early bird specials. Love her files they cut like butter. The memberships are for 20+ files (seems more like 30 files) for only $10 bucks. Well worth the price. You can find it here. The washer is done, time to move laundry around, yuck!