Monday, November 22, 2010

A few cards

Been busy with life but I did get a few cards made.

Shaker box using beads and sequins with a free digi from
Quick card using cardstock and more bling.

 Simple thumbprint card used cutter file from Shellys Art.

Trying to get thing finished up for Thanksgiving with family for Thursday and Friday. Then on Saturday we go to a Ohio State Michigan football game, border battle party. Great times with great family and friends.

Hope everyone enjoys their Holiday and weekend. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Hope you all thanks a veteran today. I thanked my hubby (he is the only one I've seen today). I have done thanked others on facebook.

Thanks for your comments! Love them! Still amazed about the voting thing.

I have to work on 3 computers (customers that are here) and my MIL needs updated, next week (she is still on dial up). So big updates are done here or I take them to her, then update. I should get busy but I need some fun time.

Off to work on some cards after lunch, wish me luck, having trouble getting to them.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Voting and parents

Well I got a post about voting and parents? To tell you what I think, no some schools and parents don't teach this. I know both my school and parents taught me about voting.

Wish schools would teach kids at the high school age at least a semester or quarter about life, voting, checkbooks, credit cards, loans, jobs, family life, maintaining cars and houses. This should be a must for all students, I think!

Sure would help them be more responsible and be accountable!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Did you remember to go vote? We voted weeks ago by absentee ballot. Hubby wasn't sure if he would be in the state. Well it turned out he is. He got a bid back in his yard for a backhoe operator. He even brought home photos of it on his phone. LOL, don't tell him I laughed.  But to me one John Deere backhoe is the same as any backhoe. He is the only one on this team right now, the other positions are still open for bids. So, for now he is helping with yard maintenance, roads or tracks.

Austin is doing great and back to going in and out the doggie door as he pleases. Last night he caught another cat in the garage on his way out. He chased him out to the barn. When I seen him, he was all puffed up. Feels good! We wormed him the other day since he was due. The barn kitties will be due next week and then everyone will be back on the same schedule. Makes it easier with all these barn cats.

Well go vote if you didn't already, many men and women have fought or given up their lives for this right. Including my grandfather, FIL, and hubby. Make them proud and VOTE!