Thursday, November 4, 2010

Voting and parents

Well I got a post about voting and parents? To tell you what I think, no some schools and parents don't teach this. I know both my school and parents taught me about voting.

Wish schools would teach kids at the high school age at least a semester or quarter about life, voting, checkbooks, credit cards, loans, jobs, family life, maintaining cars and houses. This should be a must for all students, I think!

Sure would help them be more responsible and be accountable!



Renae said...

I so agree, and this is from a parent of a current Jr in HS! Luckily, she has my husband and I teaching her, but soooo many don't get if it doesn't come from the school. I know of a lot of kids who got themselves into a whole lot of hot water almost as instantly after that diploma hit their little hand!

Kristen said...

On November 2nd... my art professor (in COLLEGE) asked if everyone voted. And let the class out early to vote (if they hadn't). Some of the kids wondered where the polls were and if there were booths on campus... remember grade school? So sad. I was shocked! Very scary that these kids new nothing about voting. One girl said she was going to vote for "the witch lady". We live in Illinois (she didn't even know this lady was not even going to be on our ballot). Goodness.