Sunday, October 10, 2010

Austin and update

Hello, seems like time has flew by since my last blog post. Not always the best blogger. Been busy with life things, swaps, raffle tickets for the fire departments, vinyl signs, and doctoring Austin. Austin is a barn cat that has decided to be inside the house when he wants to (uses the dogie door). This isn't all bad, he use to go outside to potty but he would bring in birds and mice to share with the 2 house cats. Not alot of fun but at least they all have been dead.

Anyway, Austin had punctured a lung sometime and it got infected. Since he comes and goes and he had only been in lat at night we didn't know he was hurt until one day while napping. We noticed he was breathing really hard. When I touched him he was really really thin. I tried to get him to eat anything but only would eat a few peaces of cut up chicken breast. Not enough to feed a bird either. So the next day I called the vet and took him in. I wanted to know what was wrong and make sure it wasn't something the other 2 would get as well. I had to leave him for some test. Vet called and said all test so far had been negative and the next thing was to insert a needle and see what came out. It was infected blood. He took and xray only to find Austin had 1 lung full of this infection and it had gotten into his chest cavity too. So they sedated him, put in a chest tube to drain this, a feeding tube since he was so thin and weak, and kept him over night. The next day we could take him home and keep him quiet. We had a trip to leave for the next day, so, I stayed home and my husband went to his week in Atlanta for school. Austin has had some bad days and was eating very little. So, vet tells me to feed him anything and everything he will eat. He has been in a cage (dog kennel) with 2 different types for food and water for 2 weeks. He now is allowed out of the cage but has to go in at night for this week and next week we try loose in the house 24/7. He has learned to use the litter boxes, we have 3 now. He is eating tuna fish 2 times a day and dry food at night, I'm sure he should eat ore but this is all we can get into him. Also, takes antibiotics in lunch meat 2 times a day going on week 3 and has 1 more week after this. His staples are all out 2 by Austin and the rest the vet took out. Got a bump in front of them but the vet says in is a healing scar tissue and hopefully it goes away but wont hurt anything. I'm hoping this week we don;t have to go see the vet, been there 1 or 2 times a week since this all happened. The past 2 days have been great days for him, breathing better, begging while we eat, getting up on his window perch (only a foot off the ground), and meowing more and more. He is not better but seems to be on the up hill. Even seems to be finally gaining some weight. Don't we all wish we had to gain weight.

Oh while in Atlanta, someone broke into my car. Stole nothing, not even the $5.00 in change. Just costing me $100 to get it fixed this week. Messed up the lock, door handle, and paint. Insurance is paying for $30, $100 deductible. Thanks Atlanta!

Well thanks for all the well wishes and prayers, they work! Ginger

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