Monday, December 6, 2010

Catching up!

Hope you all are good! Are you all getting ready for Christmas? Doesn't seem like Christmas yet to me. Guess it isn't yet! We still have to put up our tree maybe this week or this weekend for sure. We made all our cookies Saturday and buckeyes but hubby ran out of gas to dip them. So for now they are naked! He said tonight he'd get them dressed. I say this it loads of work and won't do them without his help. We will see. Been snowing for a few days but not hard. It was melting away as fast as it cam down until yesterday. We are starting to get a little snow and slippery roads. I could do without both.

I wanted to let you know about the awesome Grab Bag from the wonderful designers at VDBC. It is well worth the money. $35.00 worth of files for $7.00. They also just released the December Newsletter Here. Go check it out Kitty is giving a free file and has an Etching tut. Great job ladies! Thank You!!

Well I need to go work on some cards. I should get my Christmas cards in the mail. Enjoy Life!


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