Monday, April 5, 2010

Catching up

Well we had a wonderful trip. Loved spending time with my mom. We even went shopping at Hobby Lobby, which is around the corner from her. Not kidding, she could walk there. It would be shorter than what she use to walk before her knee surgery.

Traffic was horrible on the way down but coming home was fine until Cincy. Then it was cluttered for a while, construction! I even waved to my follower Mel as I passed her exit. Hope to be able to stop and visit next time. Mel is so nice, I even asked her a question on Facebook and she gave me links. Thanks Mel! We all enjoyed them.

So, today I'm trying to catch up on the forums, blogging, unpack, laundry, and flowerbeds. My hubby rolled the yard and put down fertilizer. He did a few other things and tried to nap this evening, going to 3rd shift for 2 weeks. We don't like this but we will deal with it. Well I need a shower and hope to check FB next, then bed.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and grabbed that grab bag. Great value and wonderful files. Enjoy!

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